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Linda Leak, Variety Talk Show Host


Variety Talk is a talk show designed to help many businesses take their performance to a higher level with advanced and increased advertising.

Everyone is invited to join with their product and service as we visit topics and subject matter that entertains and exudes performance of jobs and careers at all levels.

Many have joined our platform including entertainers, musicians. doctors, lawyers and people from all parts of life.

Variety Talk also is known for welcoming the entertainment community!

We are proud to have welcomed entertainers such as Marla Gibbs. from The Jeffersons, Ernest Harden, (Jefferson’s), Danny Glover,(Lethal Weapon),
The Pointer Sisters, Hawthorne James,(The Five Heartbeats), Brenda Lee Eager, (“Ain’t Understanding Mellow”), Larry Carroll, (Newscaster ABC), Larry and Lisa Dunn, (Earth, Wind & Fire), Peter Wise, (casting director), Lawrence Hilton Jacobs, (The Temptation’s) , Leon, (The Temptations), Obba Babbatunde’ (Dreamgirls), The Tuskegee Airmen, The Buffalo Soldiers,  Gene Anderson from Parliament Funkadelic),  Aaron Wells (Cameo), Tommy Jenkins, (Cameo), a Rodney Allen Rippy and many many more.

Whether you are here to be entertained or to increase your product platform, you are in for a fruitful experience.

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