December 6th, Black Freedom and Economics Day

A New World Network Special Presentation

Dr. Carl Mack presents the significance and truth about December 6th, the day that slaves were finally freed in America, with intellectual and social commentary by General Arnold Gordon Bray, Andrew Williams, Jr., and New World Network host Lady Alicia Hamilton.

Dr. Mack educates audiences about the significance of December 6th, 1865 because of what happened after June 19th, 1865.  Widely known as Juneteenth, June 19th was declared National Independence Day,  a Federal holiday signed into law by President Biden on June 17th, 2021.  However, there were still a quarter million slaves that were still in bondage and did not access their freedom until December 6th, 1865 because the number of states that were needed to ratify the 13th Amendment and make it the law of the land.   The ratifying of the 13th Amendment by Georgia, the last state to make the majority that was necessary and adopt the Emancipation Proclamation, freed the last quarter million slaves in America.

Each year New World Network supports the Black Freedom and Economics Day campaign with this special presentation on December 6th, that will run on NWN TV through Black History Month.


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